Physiotherapy Services

Injuries and Conditions we treat

Sports Injuries
Workplace Injuries
Shoulder, Hip,
Ankle and Groin Injuries
Joint and Muscle Pain
Lower and Upper
Back Pain
Injury Rehabilitation
Pre and Post-Surgery

Treatments and Techniques

All of our therapists are Manual Therapists: we use a “hands on” approach to treatment.

We use a range of Manual Therapy techniques to achieve Pain Relief and improve function: Mulligan’s, Maitland’s, Mobilisation and Muscle Energy Techniques, Soft Tissue Release and more.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massages greatly improve recovery from injuries. They also release chronic muscle tension, lowering blood pressure.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a revolutionary approach to treating Muscle Pain, both acute and chronic.

Muscles can build up painful trigger point knots from either overexercise or lack of exercise, poor posture, and many other ways. These knots can cause mild to severe Muscle Pain and stiffness.

Dry Needling is excellent for treating this and getting results fast.

Foot Pain and Disorders

Foot Pain/Disorders and Biomechanics are common problems now in our active daily lives with modern life dictating different types of footwear, physical activity, weight and training contributing to these issues.

Untreated foot conditions can contribute to and exacerbate musculoskeletal problems in the knee, hip, back and neck.

The importance of treating even minor foot disorders is of the utmost importance ensuring the body is balanced.

Common problems treated are as follows:

Fallen Arches / Flat Feet
Previous Foot and Ankle Injuries
Achilles Tendonitis
Plantar Fasciitis
And more

Pitch Side Physio

This is especially requested by those Sport Teams and Clubs who require a Team Physio and presence for any Pitch Side need.

These treatments include:

Pre and Post Game
Physical Assessment
Pre and Post Rub/Massage
Taping and Strapping
Warm up and Cool Down
Injury Assessment
and Recommendations
Rehabilitation Exercises

Sports Massage

sports massage

Sports Massage is a technique used before sporting events.

This treatment helps improve blood flood to surrounding tissues and it’s a great way to help and prepare before any outdoor activities.

Movement Assessment and Education

I use a combination of Anatomy in Motion, Biomechanics and movement screens to both assess and rehabilitate movement.

The combination of these different techniques and thought processes allow me to apply the right complexity and intensity for the individual.

From working on foundational movements like breathing, rolling and crawling, to more complex movements like carrying, lifting, balancing and walking. I use specific and individualised movement education to reinforce the treatment and help your body regain confidence in moving Pain Free.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a treatment that helps to loosen and relax muscle tissues and increase blood flow and heat which helps repair tired and fatigued muscles to full capacity.

I use to assess and treat Soft Tissue Dysfunction.

Unlike many other approaches which either focus solely on muscles or fascia, or pay no attention to the different tissues in the body and their relationships specifically distinguishes between the skin, skin ligaments, superficial fascia, deep fascia, muscles, nerve and arteries.

When we massage a body part we’re not just working with muscles; we’re working with all of these different tissues. So it’s important to understand what we’re targeting, why we’re targeting it and what we want it to do.

This means we understand which tissues need to be worked on, at what depth and in what direction in order to restore proper function and interaction between all the tissues and structures of the body.

Muscle Energy Technique

Physio Treatment

The Muscle Energy Technique is a relaxing technique to help loosen tight muscle and stiff joints.

This treatment helps improve flexibility and range of motion for joints and muscles.

Home Visits

We provide Physiotherapy at home for clients who couldn’t otherwise benefit from our services.

This is especially aimed towards elderly people and people who had recent Hip and Knee Replacements.

This service will remove the inconvenience of travel for people who are less fit or physically able to come to the clinic for an assessment.

We can work with you in your home environment can provide a more familiar setting for your treatment and allow you feel more comfortable as we make the treatment programme more specific to you and your individual needs.

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